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The Toughest clippers on the market.

Andis is not only top quality and dependable, but their service and customer relations are outstanding. As a sponsor they are wonderful to work with. They are all about education for their customers. Charles Wilhelm highly recommends Andis products for all of your clipper needs.

Equine Nutrition on the Net

Horse Tech is a supplement company with a full range of supplements that fit the many varied needs of horses. I am impressed with the quality of their products and they simply provide fantastic service. - more
CowTrac on YouTube
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CowTrac equipment is designed to train horses in the cow world. This includes ranch versatility, cutting, reining cow horse and really anything to do with cows. The CowTrac machine is phenomenal. You can get it with a variety of manual controls or with as many as four computer programs that you can record to meet your specific needs. - more

I have been using Professional Choice products for over twenty years and you don’t stay with a company that long unless they sell a quality product. Over the years, I have seen them develop a better and better product line, always keeping the comfort of the horse in mind. - more

The folks at Bar Ale really understand the difference in nutritional needs for horses, that’s why I rely on Bar Ale products. I have a lot of horses in my training barn, and it’s simple to find the Bar Ale nutritional product that best fits each individual horse. That’s what Bar Ale feed is all about — the best for my horses.


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Ultimate Super Horse Challenge!

Ultimate Super Horse Challenge Sponsors

Cowgirl Dressage Saddle

Charles Wilhelm Introduces the Cowgirl’s Dressage Saddle – the newest in his complete line of saddles.

Developed and tested last year, the saddle was introduced to the public for 2013. From the beginning, Charles has been a firm believer in using dressage principles in his training methods, therefore a western saddle that provides close contact for dressage movements was a natural development.

This saddle features a deep equitation seat and is designed for western/cowboy or Cowgirl dressage and is a great trail saddle as well. The saddle design allows for deep, close contact with your horse and is available in medium oil, black or a deep, rich walnut with several different tooling patterns to choose from - border, basket or floral. The saddle weighs approximately 28 pounds and can be ordered with a wood tree or flex bars. The saddle features a 13 inch swell, 3 ½ inch cantle and 2 ¼ “ horn, available in 15 through 18 inch seats. Matching rear cinch is included and silver lacing on the cantle is available. The narrower, pre-shaped fenders and natural balance stirrups aid in ensuring the riders proper ankle position, while relieving stress on the ankle. The available Supracor seat makes this saddle extremely comfortable to ride in. Affordably priced, the saddle ranges from $2150-$2800 and can be customized to your liking. You can complete the package with a matching breast collar and bridle.

Charles Wilhelm DVDs

"De-spooking and Crossing Objects"
  • Understanding and utilizing pressure and release
  • Desensitizing tools and techniques
  • Controlling the emotional level to reduce fear
  • Teaching the horse to accept fear and change its reaction
  • Have a safer horse on the trail and in the arena
  • Have  calm and relaxed horse
  • Cross creeks, bridges, etc.
  • Have a safer horse around children
  • Aid in trailer loading

- More videos from  Charles Wilhelm

Charles Wilhelm Saddles

Charles has a a new edition to his line of custom saddles, designed and made especially for him . The new line now includes Trail Saddles designed to accommodate the gaited horse with freedom of the shoulder. Also the Reiner/Pleasure, Cutter/Reined Cow horse,  Penner/Pleasure and Ranch Versatility saddles. Available in your choice of light, medium or walnut oil. They are available by special order with a quick delivery time. They have ten year warranty, come in medium-6 3/4 and 7 inch wide. They come with a padded seat in black or brown, basket weave or floral tooling, conchos, rear cinch and latigo strings. Matching breast collars are optional.




Juniors ages 12-18 ~ Show us your stuff!

August 2-3, 2014  

Parker Ranch on the Big Island of Hawaii

Is your horse the next Ultimate Super Horse?

A Super Horse can do Extra-Ordinary things, over and above the everyday challenge.  A  Super Horse can do a parade one day, work cows the next, compete in a cowboy dressage show the following day and more!

This Jr Challenge is designed to showcase the rider’s control, and the relaxed, lightness and responsiveness of the horse throughout the 2 day’s events.

 The competition will be designed to challenge the horse and rider to demonstrate their abilities and level of communication with their horse and their equitation—all with finesse.

Win Great Prizes including a $1000 scholarship donated by Hawaii Horse Expo.

Prizes awarded to 1st through 5th place

Click here or call 510-886-9000 for more details or to sign up.

Charles is pleased to announce that he has joined a stellar line-up on HRTV, Channel 398 on DishTV. His all-new shows air Tuesdays at 6:30 & 9:30 pm, Pacific Standard Time.

Check on Tuesday of the weekly schedule for Charles' next show!

2- Day Super Horse Clinic

Are you facing a special issue with your horse and cannot attend a clinic or come to the ranch?

Charles is now offering an innovative service designed to provide real help on an ongoing basis for people at remote locations.

Click here for more details

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Your Online Source for Information on Foundation Training!

Plus, here are archives of past articles that Charles has written on Foundation Training and other subjects for external publication. Archives are sorted with most recent publications shown first.

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Ride! Magazine Monthly Columns : Solving Problems with Foundation Training

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Castro Valley Ranch Monthly Calendar


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Charles Wilhelm Interview with Wayne Williams at Equine Affaire


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Charles Wilhelm featured in YouTube production video titled " Horse Whisperer"


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After a few short months on the market, Charles' new book 'Starting Baby Jaz' is receiving excellent reviews from publications like 'New England Horse Talk', and 'Quarter Horse News Weekly'.


Charles Wilhelm changes the lives of horses and humans. My horse, a four-year old Arabian mare, had been under the saddle for almost one month when I brought her to CWT. Barely a month later when I picked her up she had undergone remarkable changes. From an adorable but slightly bored horse, she had become an alert, interested and strong horse. In other words, she was way ahead of me. With me Charles had a tougher nut to crack: some habits picked up in the course of many years had to first be un-learned before I could even understand what he was teaching me. There's something infectious about Charles’  commitment and sense of humor that helps me to absorb the new knowledge. The premises are strikingly clean and well organized, and all the horses seem totally engaged. There is a good pace to the trainings, the lessons and the cleanups. At any time of the day one can witness Charles smack in the middle of the arena, training a horse and, with a few words and gestures, directing others. He obviously has a finger on the pulse of every detail in his stable. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and it is apparent that everybody likes to work for him. - Caroline Van Tuyll


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You Can Train Your Horse With Charles Wilhelm


Charles trains horses and their riders in every discipline and at every skill level. He is noted for his ability to teach “problem” horses. He will work with your horse on a monthly basis solving such issues as bucking, bolting, buddy/barn sourness, trail problems and more. You can have him start your colt with his Ultimate Foundation Training or do schooling in Western Pleasure, Ranch Versatility, or Reining. When a horse is in training with Charles and his professional staff you also participate and are able to reproduce the same exciting results at home.


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